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    Does the State You Live in Match Your Personality?

    usmapA recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology looks at the interplay of geography, specifically U.S. states, and personality traits. In research spanning 13 years, and “using personality test data from over one million people, researchers have identified three distinct personality regions in the country” (Time). The personality regions are “Friendly & Conventional,” “Relaxed & Creative,” and “Temperamental and Uninhibited.” The states are also ranked according to the Big Five Personality Traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

    There is a short (10-question) quiz that readers can take to see which states matches their personality. I was surprised to find that the results of the quiz indicate that I belong in North Carolina, where I currently live. North Carolina is ranked third in conscientiousness and agreeableness. The state where I grew up, South Carolina, comes in at number one in conscientiousness.

    See your state’s personality on this map. Do you think that your personality matches the state you reside in?

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    6 Responses to “Does the State You Live in Match Your Personality?”

    1. Kathy says:

      A similar study performed on countries instead of states would be interesting. However, I guess it would be much more expensive and less practical. It’s a lot easier to move to another state than it is to move to another country! Also, unless the residents speak English, it probably won’t help me even if the residents have the same personality!

    2. Mark says:

      “The study … was an exhaustive one, spanning 13 years and including nearly 1.6 million survey respondents …”. Wow, that was a big study!

    3. Ian says:

      I had not heard of the “Big Five personality traits” before. Interesting. Myers-Briggs is household knowledge and probably crowds out general awareness of other personality measurements.

    4. Jennifer says:

      The link to dailymail no longer works, but I think the link to the Time magazine article provides everything, including the map and the test.

    5. Texan-By-The-Grace-Of-God says:

      It’s interesting that adjacent states have similar scores, but with one huge exception. Texas is different from all of its surrounding states! Long live the Republic of Texas!

    6. Mr. Tarheel says:

      According to the test, I belong in South Carolina. Geographically, I am not too far off.