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    Link: More Myths About Memory

    In a previous post, I discussed the myth that memory is highly reliable, working like a video recording capturing events as they happen, later to be recalled in great accuracy. But, in reality, memory can fade and distort over time. And through the power of suggestion, it’s even possible to have false memories, the recalling events that never happened.

    If you’re fascinated by the topic of memory, hop over to PsyBlog (one of my favorite psychology blogs), which has an article exploring 6 commonly held ideas about memory that are not supported by research:

    Six Memory Myths
    “Can flashbulb memories be distorted? Some of the most widespread beliefs about memory are plain wrong.”

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    One Response to “Link: More Myths About Memory”

    1. Gary says:

      PsyBlog’s link to six memory myths has changed. I believe this is the new link: